Exeter Heating specialises in all types of domestic and commercial heating, whether its a conventional domestic system to multi zone commercial property heated by large gas boilers or renewable energy, or even a combination, we are well placed to offer a bespoke solution to suit your heating requirements.

We can give advice on the best solution to suit your needs, whether it is replacing a single component, i.e. boiler replacement, extending an existing system or the installation of new heating system on both domestic and commercial scales. With the increasing cost of fuel and energy it makes sense to invest in your heating and hot water to make the system as efficient as possible and save on your running costs. We are also well placed to service and maintain your existing system if all you are after is a reliable company to offer support.

If you are a Landlord you have a legal obligation to have an annual gas safety inspection carried out and if you homeowner then it is advised that your boiler is serviced annually by a Gas Safe registered company. If you have recently had a boiler installed then it will be a condition of the manufacturers warranty that the boiler is serviced annually.

Not only do we install energy efficient products we also install controls that will get the most out of the new system or simply improve the efficiency of your existing system. Whether this is just installing thermostatic radiator valves and basic thermostat/programmers or weather compensating devices and intelligent controls such as the Nest Learning Thermostat. All of these products will go along way to reducing your energy bill. As an approved installer of the Nest Learning Thermostat this gives you the peace of mind that we have had the appropriate training to install and set up the intelligent thermostat.

Reliable Low-Temperature Heating Installers in Exeter

Low-temperature heating systems have a central heating water temperature of 35 to 55 degrees. Because of this low temperature, the heat output of the appliance is significantly higher and more cost-effective, offering a performance that is better for the environment. If you are looking for low-temperature heating installers in Exeter, look no further than Exeter Heating Ltd.

We also offer LPG installations in Exeter. LPG heating is a safe alternative to regular gas central heating. It’s one of the most efficient heating systems to have in your home today.

Our installations of heat pump systems offer the most efficient alternative to fuel, oil and electric systems both for heating and cooling. This presents a solid long-term option for a sustainable carbon footprint.

From LPG servicing to LPG repairs, we can assist with the maintenance of your heating in Exeter. Call Exeter Heating Ltd. today on 07769 663614 and we can talk through your LPG repair and servicing needs in Exeter.

Our heating services

All the following services offered for Natural gas, LPG and renewables, such as heat pumps and biomass.