Exeter Heating was established back in 2006 and since that time we have worked hard to try and develop the company into one that is trusted by customers for a good industry knowledge, high quality workmanship and priced competitively.  Over the years our kind of work in the heating sector has changed which has given us a broad set of skills.  In the early days most of our work came from simple heating installs, bathroom fits and maintenance work such as boiler repairs and servicing.

Nowadays the majority of work comes from complex heating systems in large domestic properties with some small commercial work.  One thing that has not changed since the beginning is our desire to deliver work to a high standard and putting the customer first.  In recent years there has been a shift over to renewable technology, with our first heat pump actually installed back in 2011, so we have well over a decades experience in the installation of low temperature heating.  Year on year we are installing more and more heat pumps and currently there is an even split between the installation of a gas fired system and heat pumps, we actually expect to see the number of heat pumps continue to grow so soon it will be overtaking the amount of gas fired boilers that are installed.

Experts in multi zone and complex systems we can provide you with numerous different heating types for the same property, this could be some areas with underfloor heating and other parts of the property heated by radiators, all controlled independently by internet connected thermostats.  Smart thermostats have really taken off in the last few years, depending on you life style or you desire for tech smart thermostats can be a very useful addition to a heating system giving you that ability to control heating and hot water from your phone on the move.

Not just limited to Heating we also have solutions for large properties that suffer with poor water performance.  On numerous large rural isolated properties that have suffered from poor pressure and flow rates plumbing systems have been designed that allow the homeowners to have the bathrooms they want, i.e. large walk in showers with big shower heads or baths that don’t take a long time to fill. Typically the heating and the plumbing system in these large rural properties is inefficient with a very low level of control.  As part of complete system overhauls these issues have been dealt with giving the customer a far more efficient system that leads to real world cost savings as well as far better water pressure and flow for better showers and baths.

We thrive on challenges as well, on some occasions we are faced with a plumbing/heating issue that no immediate solution presents itself and in these situations we keep working until we get to an answer.  Having been in the industry for such a long time we are well placed to deal with a number of companies/suppliers and between us all have always been able to come up with a solution.  So the next time we come across these situations we already have the answer.

Recently awarded a Highly Commended award at the Energy Efficiency Regional Awards, we feel that the award given is in recognition of all the hard work that goes in to what we do.