This is most the straight forward type of installation with a just a single unit located in a loft space, with a very small section of ducting that is positioned so it goes down through the ceiling under the loft. The system continuously provides clean fresh filtered air in to a dwelling which, in some cases, can completely eliminate problems with damp and mould growth. A typical installation can be carried out in just a few hours and can provide many years of clean fresh air into a property. Some more modern PIV units have heaters built into them as well so the air, which is drawn in via ventilation points in the loft, is not only fresh, clean and filtered, its heated as well which will help maintain the desired temperature in the property. If you have no loft then other options are available where you to can take advantage of PIV.

Benefits of Mechanical Ventilation

  • MVHR recovers and reuses up to 95% of the waste heat within your property and has a direct impact on the Dwelling Emission Rate required for the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) energy assessment.
  • Can alleviate asthma and other respiratory problems associated with poor air quality as it filters the fresh air that it brings in.
  • Helps control condensation within a property by removing the moist air.
  • Removes unpleasant odours and pollutants from a property.