Exeter Heating can install a mechanical ventilation heat recovery (MVHR) in your existing residential or commercial property or if, for example, you’re building a new home. If you’re unsure what MVHR is, then read on.

Simply put, MVHR is a system where warm moist air is extracted from the bathrooms and kitchens of a property, ducted through to a heat exchanger. This then transfers the heat to the incoming fresh air, which is then ducted back out to your other living spaces within the property. Exeter Heating has proven experience in undertaking such installations.

The moist air that was extracted from the bathrooms and kitchens is then expelled to the outside air. The fresh air that was brought in to replace the expelled air is heated via heat exchanger by the outgoing stale moist air. Most of the MVHR units out there claim to be 90% efficient. In reality, means that virtually all heat that is extracted from the warm moist rooms is taken out and distributed as warm fresh air across other areas of the house. It’s known as a balanced system, meaning that the volume of air extracted is balanced by the incoming fresh air.

Exeter Heating understands the challenges of installing an MVHR system into an existing home. Our team of mechanical ventilation heat recovery installers can talk you through exactly how we’ll undertake the installation process. Our proven competence in this area means that we can deal with local building control on your behalf once the installation has taken place.