A very helpful tool in determining how energy efficient a property is. With rising energy costs its more important than ever to try and maximise the energy efficiency of a property. Be it a large commercial factory or persons home, heating and hot water will be one of the largest bills that needs to be paid for so having a property that is energy efficient is crucial. There is little point in spending large amounts of money on heating just for it to leak through poorly insulated/draughty parts of the building. By carrying out a thermal imaging scan of a property it can quickly be determined how energy efficient it is. By identifying the areas where heat leaks out of a property rectification work can be carried out to reduce/minimise these heat losses therefore improving the energy efficiency and reducing running costs. At Exeter Heating we can install very efficient heating and ventilation systems however if the home that the installation is being carried out in is poorly insulated then the new heating/ventilation system will never run to its full potential. We like to be able to offer a complete service where we take a holistic approach. Whilst we can install a heating or ventilation system in anyones property we want to make sure that you are making the most out of it, its running to its maximum potential and the heat isn’t just being lost. We believe that keeping heat in the property is just as important as producing the heat, if not more so.