Here at Exeter Heating we use thermal imaging camera’s for a variety of reasons. A thermal imaging camera is a sophisticated piece of equipment that can detect infrared rays, which aren’t visible to the naked eye. Basically they can “see” temperatures which are translated on a screen into colour, the more red/yellow and white the image is then the hotter the surface is that the camera is looking at and the more blue, purple and black it is the cooler the surface.

There are number of reasons why we, at Exeter Heating, use thermal imaging technology, some of these being:-

Leak detection

Thermal Imaging is a very useful tool in finding the location of leaks. Whilst leaks on a first or second floor, or any floor above ground floor, are usually fairly easy to locate as there is water coming through the ceiling they can be somewhat harder to locate on the ground floor as there maybe no obvious source.

Energy Efficiency

A very helpful tool in determining how energy efficient a property is. With rising energy costs its more important than ever to try and maximise the energy efficiency of a property.

Pipe Detection

Have you ever wanted to drill into a floor or wall and not known if there are any pipes running underneath/behind it? Well with a thermal imaging camera you should be able to determine if there is anything in the floor or wall that may get hit should you starting drilling.