There are currently several government schemes which can offer financial assistance. These are explained below:

The Renewable Heat Incentive

The Renewable Heat Incentive – or RHI – is a government run scheme offering cashback as an incentive for the installation of renewable technologies. The RHI is open to the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors and payments can last for either 7 years for a domestic RHI or 20 years for a commercial RHI.

Domestic RHI

To be able to join the RHI scheme you need to prove that the renewable heating system is only heating one property and that the property is able to have an Energy Performance Certificate carried out. It’s this certificate that proves your property has been assessed as a dwelling, without one you will not be able to join the scheme. An EPC provides information on the property’s energy usage and also gives information on how to reduce energy consumption and save money. One is required every time a property is bought, sold or rented and lasts for ten years.

The Non Domestic RHI

Generally, if the renewable heating system is in commercial, public or industrial premises, then you would apply for the Non-Domestic RHI. This can include small and large businesses, hospitals, schools, and organisations with district heating schemes where one heating system serves multiple homes.

The application process is quite lengthy but Exeter Renewables can guide you through this.