Exeter Heating Ltd specialises in domestic heating solutions tailored to your requirements. We are experienced in central heating repair and servicing in Exeter.

Heating forms a significant part of a home’s comfort and cost-efficiency. If you are feeling cold in the winter months despite facing high heating costs, we might be able to propose a better solution.

Central Heating Installation

In 2020, 80% of homes in the UK rely on gas central heating,

If you are looking to install central heating for your home, Exeter Heating LTD can provide you with tailored solutions. Most UK houses benefit from gas heating that is piped directly to your home. Get in touch for your central heating servicing in Exeter, or call us for central heating repairs in Exeter. Central heating gives you more control over your home’s temperature. You can keep the bills low and enjoy hassle free heat for your domestic property.

Gas Boiler repairs and servicing Exeter

Modern gas boiler installation in Exeter assures high efficiency so you can enjoy a great return on every unit of energy. Gas central heating is much cheaper than other heating solutions with an efficiency of around 90%. We are your local expert for gas boiler repairs in Exeter and gas boiler servicing. Gas boilers should be serviced once a year to ensure they run efficiently and will be functional for as long as possible.

Talk to your heating specialists in Exeter today to get a quote and find experts to ensure your heating is set up to keep you warm this upcoming winter.

Underfloor Heating Installation Exeter

Underfloor heating is great for keeping your home or office warm. You’ll enjoy warm feet even during the coldest of winters. The heat is distributed evenly around every part of the room and frees your walls from radiators. This allows for more space and a cleaner look. Underfloor heating also wastes less energy and might enhance your house’s selling price! This luxurious installation can heat a larger area and works at a lower temperature. As a result, underfloor heating could keep your heating bills down.

Underfloor heating requires heating experts for installation and maintenance and having installed a very large number of system over the years we are your local experts.

Speak to us about Underfloor Heating Installation in Exeter to see if this solution might provide an asset to your home. Exeter Heating Ltd can also assist with your underfloor heating repairs in Exeter. We offer below heating solutions:

  • Central Heating
  • Underfloor Heating
  • Gas boilers – Natural gas and LPG
  • Cookers
  • Fires
  • Unvented cylinders
  • Servicing and Landlords certificates