If you are thinking of installing central heating in your home, at Exeter Heating, we can help you. Today, some 80% of all homes in the UK have central heating that is gas-powered, and most of those use gas that is piped directly into the home. Some do use LPG, but this has the disadvantage that it has to be delivered and stored in a tank. This is fine if you already have a tank and perhaps want to switch from oil power to LPG.

However, if you don’t have a tank you are going to have to install one and this is an extra expense. It also means that you need a space to site the tank, and ideally, you would want it tucked away somewhere out of sight. It also has to comply with certain legal requirements. Certainly, if you want gas boiler installation in Exeter, we can help you, whether it is mains gas or LPG.

21st-century gas boilers are highly efficient, and they are also a cheaper solution than other options, running at an efficiency of around 90%. Pound for pound, they are very good value. However, they do need to be serviced once a year in order to ensure that they operate at peak performance and that there is no danger of any carbon monoxide leaks, which can occur with older boilers if they are not properly serviced. At Exeter Heating we can carry out your annual service and will send you a reminder when it is due, so you never have to worry about it.

In fact, right now is a very good time to have your boiler serviced. Believe it or not, winter is only just around the corner – we’re into September already – and it won’t be very long before you need to turn the heating on again. It is far better to get service now so that you don’t suffer the problem of a breakdown in January or February when the snow is on the ground. Just imagine sitting there with no heating or hot water.

Boiler repairs can be expensive, with the average repair throughout the UK standing at around £314. Furthermore, if you get a breakdown when the weather is cold, you may well find it difficult to get an engineer quickly, since we all tend to get very booked up. This is why it is important to have your boiler serviced now rather than leaving it until winter sets in seriously.

This is particularly important if your boiler is older and has needed repairs in the past, or if it has a tendency to have unexpected faults. Even if it seems to be running OK and with no problems, most boilers need a service in the same way that a car does. Not only that but at Exeter Heating we will be able to spot any potential problems and fix them before things go badly wrong and cost a lot more to repair – that is even if the boiler can be repaired: sometimes it happens that the boiler has reached the point at which it is cheaper to install a new one than repair it.

There is also the problem of spares: when you have an older boiler, it can happen that the manufacturer no longer makes the spares for it, and so you have to have a new boiler installed anyway. Many of these problems can be fixed by regular servicing.

The best idea is to let us service your boiler on an annual basis because we will be able to spot any likely problems before they become expensive to fix. Another option, if you have an old boiler, is to bite the bullet and invest in a new one. It will come with a warranty and will be far more energy-efficient than an old boiler, saving money in the long run.

Today, you can also have air-source heat pumps and ground-source heat pumps to run your central heating and hot water system. At Exeter Heating we have years of experience of designing and installing heat pumps which will not only save you money but are also much more eco-friendly.