If you have a gas boiler and your heating is not working as well as it should, or your bath water is not running hot, the most probable cause is a fault with your gas boiler.

The first thing to note is that you should never, under any circumstances, attempt to repair a gas boiler yourself, even if you “know” what is wrong. Unless you are a trained gas engineer you almost certainly do not know what is wrong with it, and if you start to meddle with it you can very easily cause a gas leak which can lead to fire and explosion. Whole houses have been demolished because of a gas explosion – whether natural gas or LPG – so attempting to tackle the problem yourself could be fatal.

Just for the sake of comparison, you almost certainly wouldn’t attempt to repair your TV or your laptop. You know full well that you don’t understand how to deal with any issues, so you would call a TV engineer or take your laptop to a computer repair shop. That is why you need a qualified engineer for gas boiler repairs in Exeter.

In fact, you need to go one better. You need an engineer who is on the Gas Safe Register. Such engineers are qualified to work on gas heating systems and can anticipate problems before they arise. Furthermore, if you use an engineer who is not on the Gas Safe Register it could invalidate any warranty still in existence on your equipment. All Gas Safe engineers carry a Gas Safe ID card and you should ask to see it before allowing them to commence any work. It is also important to note that gas engineers can be qualified to undertake some jobs but not others. For instance, an engineer may be qualified to install or repair a gas cooker and boiler, but not a gas fire. You can check this information on the Gas Safe Register website.

If you need a gas boiler engineer in Exeter and the surrounding area you have a choice of using either a national or local company. If you choose a national repair company, they will have many engineers on their books and will be able to provide you with an engineer who is near to you. However, there is a downside to this, and that is that you will probably end up paying more than you would for a local business.

The other option is to use a local company where you will probably pay less. However, you need to know if they are trustworthy. Ideally, you want a company that has been in business for a good few years, and if they have, it will be because they have a good track record and a loyal customer base. Companies that do not do a good job simply will not stay in business for very long, so if a company has been around for five or ten years or more, that is a good sign. At Exeter Heating, we have been in the heating business for over 12 years.

You may be tempted to ask for a quick quote over the phone. However, gas boiler problems can be tricky, and it is not necessarily the case that your problem can be identified over the phone. Our engineer may need to make a visit in order to ascertain the problem and will then be able to give you a quote. Whether you accept it or not is obviously up to you.

You probably do not have much idea of how a gas boiler works, and there is no reason that you should. However, it is worth asking the engineer what he or she plans to do because if they can’t tell you, there is the possibility that it could lead to more expense later on.

Another good idea is to look at some reviews of the heating company you are considering. At Exeter Heating, you can read some of our customers’ opinions at this link: https://exeterheating.co.uk/testimonials/. It is also a good idea to check that the engineer has insurance. He should have public liability insurance which covers you if something goes wrong, and if he employs other workers should also have employer’s liability insurance.